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better brain.

Studies show stimulating your brain by playing games helps it thrive. Studies also show games can be addicting. What happens when you mix them together?

Gaming becomes healthy!

Imagine boosting your brain's performance and learning new things while enjoying the games you already love.

Now imagine pushing this idea further by allowing you to study topics important to you and compare your brain’s abilities over time with others in your demographic.

We believe in this vision and are executing our strategy to realize it.




Continuously run experiments that augment games with new content.

Gather immense play and player data from a diverse population, across a multitude of games, over significant periods of time.

Use machine learning and human intelligence to analyze the data, draft hypothesis and create new experiments.

Package the useful discoveries into innovative products allowing brain training content to be placed into games.

Profit by helping people keep their brain’s healthy.


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you starts here.

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