Tap America

Designed to entertain players with cognitive impairments.

Tap America is a therapeutic activity finding objects spread throughout a captivating journey full of beautiful photos and interesting factoids spanning all 50 of the United States.

Players can relax unassisted on autopilot with soft music and charming narration providing caregivers hours of relief.

Each state is presented as five slides with an object placed in plain sight with subtle hints to help players tap along.

The minimal interface without clutter, soft fades and reduced motion is perfect for those with dementia, stroke, or other special needs.

A simple scorecard grades players on how well they are doing over time. This provides insight into players cognitive improvement or decline.

Content Features

Design Features

Imagine a better brain by playing games that let you leverage neuroscience.

At Cognitive we're building this vision of mindful entertainment.

Grow smarter and help this idea spread by playing Tap America on iOS or Android today.